Security is a serious matter here at PicPay!

Your money has evolved and so has your security! Protecting your money and information is a fundamental issue for us. Did you know that on a daily basis our team works to implement the best and newest security practices in the market?

Security Tips

To keep your PicPay account secure at all times, it is also important to take some personal care. So, our team has prepared some important tips:

    1. Always keep your password, access code and card security number (CVV) under lock and key. PicPay only requests this data within the app! If they are requested by phone, SMS, e-mail or social networks, it is a scam. Keep an eye!


    1. Download the PicPay app only from our official stores:



    1. Use the application’s Security Controls: face recognition, security password, SMS authentication, authorized devices, among others.


    1. PicPay does not have a Telegram. Offers and news only in the app and on our official channels:

YouTube: PicPay
LinkedIn: / picpay
Twitter: @picpay
Instagram: @picpay
Facebook: / PicPayBrasil
TikTok: / @ picpay
When you receive an email from PicPay, check if it was sent by the domain: and if you are not this sender, never open attachments, never click on links and delete it afterwards.

  • If you find suspicious profiles out there, report them in the “Help Center” thus avoiding possible scams with other users.




PicPay is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) certified company and we are recognized as an organization participating in the PCI Security Standards Council.

We are also on the list! global list of service providers that protect the processing, transmission and storage of your card data!