About PicPay

About PicPay

Founded in Vitória (ES) in 2012, PicPay is a fintech that was born to make life easier by reinventing the way people deal with money, shop and communicate. In 2015, the company was invested by the J&F group, one of the largest business conglomerates in Brazil. PicPay is a two-sided ecosystem that offers products and services to consumers and sellers to address all their needs, from day-to-day payments, financial services to investments and shopping, in a simple, easy and secure way.

Our Mission


People and Culture:

We aim to achieve our business goals while adhering to our seven core values: humility, determination, availability, ownership, simplicity, sincerity and discipline.

PicPay has a rapid hiring process to sustain business growth with quality supported by a diverse team to achieve high performance. The company has more than 3,600 employees. PicPay also has a performance evaluation process based on its values, including a culture evaluation committee as part of its recruitment process. To learn more about PicPay’s culture, check the website below: Our Values