Our Values

Our Values


  • We are committed to results and in charge of the sustainability of the company;
  • We are accomplished, proactive people, who go to great lengths to achieve our goals;
  • We understand the strength and value of leading by example and influencing the people around us;
  • We take responsibility for making our business thrive and take ethical actions;
  • We have the boldness and courage to take the lead, follow our convictions, and take risks;
  • We embrace challenges with dedication and focus;
  • We are creative, curious, and always think about innovating;
  • We are not happy about always doing the same thing and we never settle;
  • We are versatile and passionate about facing challenges and improving with each step;
  • We see the big picture and we are focused on improving;
  • We are absolutely committed to the spread of our culture


We’re in this together

  • We are always open and willing to listen;
  • We care about the opinions of others;
  • We are able to change our minds or behavior; We prioritize “us” over “me”;
  • We teach and learn from each other, because only those who admit that they do not know everything evolve;
  • We are empathetic and understanding towards others;
  • We allow ourselves to make mistakes without regret or blaming others. The important thing is to identify these mistakes quickly, correct them, and learn from them;
  • We treat each other with respect, regardless of our differences;
  • We actively seek to help each other and work as a team in order to develop;
  • We are not arrogant, and we do not care about status.


Go for it

  • We are strong-minded and do whatever needs to be done;
  • We deliver on our promises;
  • We have a sense of urgency;
  • We are confident in our ability to achieve goals;
  • We are focused, we know how to identify priorities and act accordingly;
  • We work hard;
  • We take risks responsibly;
  • We constantly seek to do our best;
  • We are obsessed with the best end-to-end experience;
  • We are always looking for new knowledge in order to be constantly up-to-date and attentive to technological trends;
  • We have open minds to try and adopt new technologies and their possibilities.


Count on me

  • We love what we do;
  • We prioritize what is essential and dedicate time to it;
  • We offer our attention; we are willing to help and support our people;
  • We are willing to talk or help. Willingness does not necessarily mean to stop everything you are doing to help someone or to interrupt a meeting to do a non-urgent task, but we are empathic and support each other;
  • We are open to new ideas and reflections in the face of criticism;
  • We share knowledge with those around us.


Do it right

  • We seek excellence in everything we do;
  • We are obsessed with the quality of products and the value we generate for people;
  • We are careful in our processes;
  • We make decisions based on facts and data to prioritize those that are in line with the strategies of the company;
  • We respect and deliver on our promises, regarding not only what we do for others, but also what we for ourselves;
  • We do not promise what we cannot deliver;
  • We take the activities we perform seriously and responsibly;
  • We use the company’s resources responsibly


It’s that simple

  • We avoid complex solutions;
  • We act in a practical way;
  • We go straight to the point, make it easy, and cut red tape, while respecting the rules;
  • We think, act, and make decisions in a simple way, based on facts and data;
  • We didn’t invent the wheel, we developed solutions;
  • We make it easy; we remove the friction ethically;
  • We are not overbearing; we take away the unnecessary and prioritize what really matters, in a simple and objective way;
  • We get our hands dirty and make things happen instead of waiting for the perfect moment;
  • We seek the best result at the lowest cost.


Straight talk

  • We are direct, objective, honest, true, and transparent in our relationships, and always respectful;
  • We express our opinions clearly – even if they are different or contrary to others’ opinions – in a respectful, positive, and fruitful manner;
  • We use honesty to help people grow, not to put them down;
  • We know how to say “no”;
  • We have empathy and freedom to disagree, trying to understand as much as possible the context of any situation that is presented to us;
  • We value assertive, open, and horizontal communication;
  • We strengthen our environment of trust, which allows us to be aligned;
  • We know how to act firmly.