During COVID pandemic, actions were made for our people’s health care

Assistance &
Well Being

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • +250 calls (psychologist and physician)
  • All benefits were maintained

Communication & Engagement

  • 04 Guides
  • 120 Webinars
  • 100% virtual onboarding
  • Meditation online classes
  • Gym and yoga online classes

Leadership, Strategy & Business

  • Remote management training
  • 12 Strategic alignment webinars with leaders

Work & Positive Impact

  • #PicpayMovement: employees were able to give ideas of features and business opportunities to support the community during the pandemic period : +10 ideias were implemented
  • high commitment of our people


  • Leave granted to all people belonging to risk groups
  • Daily office disinfection, reduce office capacity to keep social distance and mandatory use of masks in all company areas
  • Allowance of R$150 to all employees
  • Equipment available for remote work



Notes: (1) During COVID-19 lockdown from March 2020 until June 2020
Unit standard: K (thousand), M (million), B (billion), T (trillion)